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Jack the EnRoute Winery Dog

by on January 20, 2014

Despite the distinct absence of a Polar Vortex here at EnRoute, it is most definitely winter. The harvest is a fast receding memory, the 2013 wines are put to bed, and the only sounds in the cellar are coming from Jack, the winery dog. Well, mostly.

Unlike our Cabernet-steeped siblings at Far Niente and Nickel & Nickel, we here in Pinot Land don’t spend the entire winter racking wine back and forth, blending and barreling down again. On the contrary, to maintain EnRoute’s signature aromatics and complexity, we leave the wines in barrel until bottling, the summer following vintage, disturbing them only for topping. This means we spend our non-topping hours cleaning, organizing, running lab analysis, planning (already!) for the 2014 vintage—and, of course, playing with the dog.

Jack the Winery Dog (more…)

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