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Bottling 2013 EnRoute Pinot Noir, “Les Pommiers”

by on August 20, 2014

Last week, the EnRoute production facility was alive with the sounds of clinking bottles and the whirs of forklifts. While most would call this noise, we consider this a melody mécanique indicating the completion of our 2013 EnRoute Pinot Noir, Les Pommiers. This vintage won’t be hitting your cellars until a few months from now, but enjoy this little teaser for the gustatory delights that are to come:

Fans of the 2012 Les Pommiers will be happy to find that the 2013 vintage carries similar notes of cranberry, plum and pomegranate.This upcoming release displays more prominent darker fruits of blackberry and plum, as opposed to the 2012 vintage’s outstanding bing cherry notes, complemented by EnRoute’s hallmark notes of earthy sage, spice and mineral. On the finish, this wine shows chewier tannins and more acidity than past vintages. We anticipate it will be a true delight to pair at the dinner table.

The excitement doesn’t stop here either, folks. The Russian River Valley is bustling with activity. As we wrap up one vintage, the next is already in the works. This week we’ve been gearing up for the arrival of our 2014 Pinot Noir grapes. In fact, harvest starts tonight!


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