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The New Girl: Kamyn Asher Joins the EnRoute Wine Team

by on October 15, 2015


In her first year as a full-time member of the EnRoute Team, Cellar Worker Kamyn Asher proved she’s got the humor and drive to keep pace with the pros. Which came in handy during what turned out to be EnRoute’s most high-speed Russian River Valley harvest to date.

Kamyn actually joined the EnRoute wine team in 2014 as a harvest intern. The 23-year-old had just graduated from Scripps College, with a degree in film. “I love storytelling and performing,” Kamyn says. “My favorite part of film is telling stories visually, so I focused on cinematography throughout college. I love that film (like wine) is a mixture of art and science.”

The semester before she graduated, Kamyn enrolled in an elective class titled Chemistry of Food & Wine. “My professor was amazing,” she says, “and he actually made working in the industry seem like a reality.”

Of course, wine wasn’t a completely foreign concept to her. “My dad’s always been into wine and used to drag me to wine stores when I was little. The first time I really fell in love with wine, however, was on a family trip to Italy when I was still in high school. Years later, when I was a college senior, I had a wine from Scholium Project called the Prince in His Caves that really cemented my desire to become part of the wine industry.”

Upon graduating, Kamyn’s initial plan was to work a single Russian River Valley harvest before doing some traveling and wine work in different hemispheres. That first harvest was intense, “but I liked it enough to stick around!”

“I didn’t realize I could work that hard,” she adds, “but it was such a rewarding experience. I learned so much that I would never have learned anywhere else, like operating the basket press or bulldogging barrels or driving a forklift. It was definitely an eye opener.”

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Another harvest eye opener for Kamyn? How much she loved “having a crew of people around you who are equally exhausted but somehow make coming to work every day exciting!”

“Kamyn has a great sense of humor and drive to succeed,” says EnRoute Winemaker Andrew Delos. “She’s upbeat and always ready to tackle anything.”

As for her first harvest as an official EnRoute staff member? “She did great, literally pressing every single Russian River Valley Chardonnay and Pinot grape that came through the door,” Andrew says.

For Kamyn, the ties between wine and film have been surprising. She’s fascinated by the “stories” the grapes tell each vintage, and when the wines finally get bottled, Kamyn loves that she gets to look at each bottle and say, “Wow, I can’t believe I helped make this.”





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